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The Scene object represents a Softimage scene that is loaded in memory. You can access most of the contents of the scene using the Scene.Root property, which returns the root Model.

The full path of the Scene is stored inside the FileName Parameter (see the example below for more details).

The scripting name of the scene is stored inside the Name Parameter.

Note: The scripting name is a valid variable name for scripting languages. It must contain only alphanumerals A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and must not begin with a numeral. Therefore, if you save a scene with a filename that begins with a numeral, Softimage prefixes an underscore (_) to the actual filename you used.


AddCustomOp AddICEAttribute AddScriptedOp AddScriptedOpFromFile
AnimatedParameters2 BelongsTo operator EvaluateAt GetExternalFile
GetICEAttributeFromName IsA IsAnimated2 IsClassOf operator
IsEqualTo operator IsKindOf IsLocked operator IsSelected operator
LockOwners RemoveICEAttribute SetAsSelected operator SetCapabilityFlag operator
SetLock TaggedParameters UnSetLock  


ActiveLayer ActiveMaterialLibrary ActivePass ActiveSimulationEnvironment
Application BranchFlag operator Capabilities operator Categories
Colors DefaultImageClip operator EvaluationID ExternalFiles
Families operator FullName operator Help HierarchicalEvaluationID
ICEAttributes ImageClips Layers LockLevel operator
LockMasters operator LockType operator MaterialLibraries Model
Name operator NestedObjects ObjectID Origin
OriginPath Owners PPGLayout operator Parameters operator
Parent Parent3DObject PassContainer Passes
Properties Root Selected operator SimulationEnvironments
Type operator      


VBScript Example

' This example demonstrates how to get the actual filename of the
' and the real name of the active scene.
' Start with a fresh scene
' Get the active scene as a scene object and then get its root
set oScene = ActiveProject.ActiveScene
set oRoot = oScene.Root
' Add a null and a cube to the scene root
oRoot.AddNull "Thing1"
oRoot.AddGeometry "Cube", "MeshSurface", "Thing2"
' Save the scene as "2Things.scn" under the projects directory
sProjectsDir = Application.InstallationPath( siProjectPath )
SaveSceneAs sProjectsDir & "\2Things.scn"
' Save the actual scene name in a variable and display it
sRealName = ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Parameters("Filename").Value
Application.LogMessage "My real name is " & sRealName
' Save the scripting name in a variable and display it
sScriptingName = ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Parameters("Name").Value
Application.LogMessage "My scripting name is " & sScriptingName
' Output of above script:
'SaveSceneAs "S:\Data\DSProjects\your_id\2Things.scn"
'INFO : "Saving ASCII Scene Info data"
'INFO : "My real name is S:\Data\DSProjects\your_id\2Things.scn"
'INFO : "My scripting name is _2Things"
' Note: The path that appears in this example ("S:\Data\DSProjects\your_id\")
'       will vary depending on the project settings on the machine where 
'       you run this script. This path is provided only for comparison.

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