SIObject.IsEqualTo operator


Compares this object with a specified object and indicates whether they are the same object or not, this excludes the the path to to the object. The same shared object will return true if access from different parents. For example, a material from the material library and one accessed from the actual object. To check the uniqueness of the path use the SIObject.FullName property.

C# Syntax

Boolean SIObject.IsEqualTo( Object in_pItem );

Scripting Syntax

SIObject.IsEqualTo( Target );


Parameter Type Description
Target SIObject The object to compare with


VBScript Example

'	This example checks to see if an object really has a parent
set oSphere = ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root.AddGeometry("Sphere", "NurbsSurface")
Compare oSphere
set oApp = Application
Compare oApp
' NAME:		Compare
' DESCRIPTION: Logs if the object has a parent or not.
sub Compare (in_obj)
	if in_obj.IsEqualTo(in_obj.Parent) then
		LogMessage "The parent is the object itself"
		LogMessage "The object has a parent. "
	end if
end sub