ProjectItem.IsLocked operator




Returns whether an object is locked or not. If there is only one lock level that is set on the object it will be consider locked. If the object is not locked siLockLevelNone is returned.

C# Syntax

Boolean ProjectItem.IsLocked();

Scripting Syntax

oBoolean = ProjectItem.IsLocked();

Return Value



JScript Example

NewScene( null, false );
CreatePrim( "Cone", "MeshSurface" );
var oObj = Application.ActiveSceneRoot.FindChild( "Cone" );
oObj.SetLock( siLockLevelManipulation );
Application.LogMessage( "Is the cone locked?: " + oObj.IsLocked() );
oObj.UnSetLock( siLockLevelManipulation )
Application.LogMessage( "Is the cone still locked?: " + oObj.IsLocked() );
// Expected result:
//INFO : Is the cone locked?: true
//INFO : Is the cone still locked?: true

See Also

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