Creates a Self-Installed Custom Operator and connects its output to this object.

Tip: This is the Object Model version of the AddCustomOp command, which also creates a Self-Installed Custom Operator. To create a runtime scripted operator, use the AddScriptedOp command or ProjectItem.AddScriptedOp method.

C# Syntax

CustomOperator ProjectItem.AddCustomOp( String bszType, Object vInputs, String bszName, siConstructionMode in_constructionmode );

Scripting Syntax

ProjectItem.AddCustomOp( [Type], [Inputs], [Name], [ConstructionMode] );


Parameter Type Description
Type String SIObject.Name of a Self-Installed Custom Operator
Inputs List List of objects or parameters to be connected to input ports. The order of these inputs will decide the index value used to retrieve each input (see OperatorContext.GetInputValue).

Default Value: The operator will be created with no inputs

Name String The name of the new operator

Default Value: The operator will be named based on its type

ConstructionMode siConstructionMode The location in the construction stack where the operator should be created. This only applies to output connections made to Geometry objects; this mode will be ignored for all other types of connections.

Default Value: siConstructionModeDefault

See Also

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