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SIObject exposes properties and methods that are supported by practically every object in the Softimage Object Model, such as the name of the object, its type and parent.

Some very basic Softimage objects do not support SIObject, for example GridData, SIVector3 and Image (see the Object Hierarchy for a complete list. For this reason some caution must be used to avoid assuming that all objects support SIObject.Name and SIObject.Type.


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1. VBScript Example

'	This example outputs an object's properties
Option Explicit
sub main()
	On Error Resume Next
	' Create the scene
	dim oObj
	set oObj = ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root.AddGeometry("Sphere", "NurbsSurface")
	LogSIObject oObj
end sub
' NAME:		LogSIObject
' DESCRIPTION: logs SIObject properties
sub LogSIObject(in_obj)
	Application.LogMessage "Name: " & in_obj.Name
	Application.LogMessage "Class: " & typename(in_obj)
	Application.LogMessage "Type: " & in_obj.Type
	Application.LogMessage "Fullname: " & in_obj.FullName
	Application.LogMessage "Parent: " & in_obj.Parent.Name
	Application.LogMessage "Application : " & in_obj.Application.Name
	Application.LogMessage "Is Equal To Parent ? " & in_obj.IsEqualTo(in_obj.Parent)
	Application.LogMessage "Is Equal To Self ? " & in_obj.IsEqualTo(in_obj)	
end sub

2. VBScript Example

' These objects all support SIObject
Application.LogMessage IsSIObject( ActiveSceneRoot )
Application.LogMessage IsSIObject( Dictionary.GetObject( "Camera" ) )
Application.LogMessage IsSIObject( CreateObject( "XSI.Application" ) )
Application.LogMessage IsSIObject( ActiveSceneRoot.AddNull() )
' A string cannot be accepted without conversion
Application.LogMessage IsSIObject( "Camera" )
' XSICollection and GridData do not support SIObject
Application.LogMessage IsSIObject( CreateObject( "XSI.Collection" ) )
Application.LogMessage IsSIObject( XSIFactory.CreateGridData )
function IsSIObject( in_obj )
	' One way to test if an object supports
	' SIObject is to call a method and see if
	' there is a scripting error.
	' Careful use of "on error resume next"
	' prevents the entire script form halting
	dim strFullName
	on error resume next
	strFullName = in_obj.Fullname
	if ( err <> 0 ) then
		IsSIObject = false
		IsSIObject = true    	
	end if
	' Turn error checking back on
	on error goto 0
end function
' The above example logs the following results:
'INFO : True
'INFO : True
'INFO : True
'INFO : True
'INFO : False
'INFO : False
'INFO : False