Unlocks an object. The level passed to the method is used to determine which area is locked on the object.

C# Syntax

ProjectItem.UnSetLock( siLockLevel in_LockLevel, String in_Password );

Scripting Syntax

ProjectItem.UnSetLock( [level], [password] );


Parameter Type Description
level siLockLevel The level to lock. The lock level is a bit field, so it can be only one level or a combination of many level or to have all levels, siLockLevelAll can be used.

Default Value: siLockLevelAll

password String If the scene is lock-protected by a password, the password needs to be provided in order to unlock the object.

Default Value: none


JScript Example

// See the examples under ProjectItem.LockType, ProjectItem.LockLevel, and ProjectItem.IsLocked

See Also

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