Returns a collection of Parameter objects containing all parameters animated by a specific animation source type. This function can return local, nested and referenced parameters, see the Local argument for details.

Warning: Because this method returns all animated parameters for the object and its children, this can be very expensive if used on a model (such as the scene root). Use X3DObject.NodeAnimatedParameters to get the animated parameters for the object only.

Note: This method replaces the deprecated ProjectItem.IsAnimated2 method, which is supported for backwards compatibility only.

C# Syntax

ParameterCollection ProjectItem.AnimatedParameters2( siSourceType, Boolean );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ProjectItem.AnimatedParameters2( [sourceType], [Local] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
sourceType siSourceType Animation source type. siShapeAnimationSource is only supported by X3DObject.

Default Value: siAnySource

Local Boolean Specifies whether the animation to check is local to the object or not. If true then all animated parameters that come from propagated properties or from intermediate nodes are ignored (referenced parameters). Intermediate nodes are nested under the object but are not necessary owned by the object itself. For instance, the camera object nested under a Texture_Projection_Def property is not considered unless the target object is the projection property itself. When the argument is set to false (default), all parameters are considered.

Default Value: False


VBScript Example

set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
set oCube = oRoot.AddGeometry( "Cube", "MeshSurface" )
set oCluster = oCube.ActivePrimitive.Geometry.AddCluster( siVertexCluster )
for each p in oCluster.AnimatedParameters2( siAnySource )
	Application.LogMessage p.Name

See Also

ProjectItem.IsAnimated2 X3DObject.IsNodeAnimated X3DObject.NodeAnimatedParameters