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This object represents a scene render property. The scene render property controls common render settings for all passes in the scene and the render region. The property allows to quickly change a common set of options, such as the rendering engine, field rendering, motion blur and resolution, that will apply to all rendering options that derive from it. The property is a singleton and is only found under "Passes.RenderOptions".

The scene render property also lists the current set of render channels applicable to the system. Render channels can be listed, added and removed using the property's methods. Framebuffer objects can be created from render channels in order to output them to disk. Render channels can also be directly viewed in the render region.


AddCustomOp AddICEAttribute AddScriptedOp AddScriptedOpFromFile
AnimatedParameters2 BelongsTo operator CreateRenderChannel EvaluateAt
GetICEAttributeFromName IsA IsAnimated2 IsClassOf operator
IsEqualTo operator IsKindOf IsLocked operator IsSelected operator
LockOwners RemoveICEAttribute RemoveRenderChannel SetAsSelected operator
SetCapabilityFlag operator SetLock TaggedParameters UnSetLock


Application Branch operator BranchFlag operator Capabilities operator
Categories EvaluationID Families operator FullName operator
Help HierarchicalEvaluationID ICEAttributes LockLevel operator
LockMasters operator LockType operator Model Name operator
NestedObjects ObjectID Origin OriginPath
Owners PPGLayout operator Parameters operator Parent
Parent3DObject RenderChannels Renderer Selected operator
Singleton operator Type operator    

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