Property.Branch operator


Returns True if property is applied to the branch of its parent.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Boolean rtn = Property.Branch;
// set accessor
Property.Branch = Boolean;


VBScript Example

'VBScript example demonstrating Property.Branch 
set oRoot = application.activeproject.activescene.root
set oCube = oRoot.AddGeometry("Cube","MeshSurface")
'When you add a property you can decide whether it should be
'applied to the branch or not: 
branchFlag = false
oCube.AddProperty "CustomProperty", branchFlag, "NoBranchPSet"
branchFlag = true
oCube.AddProperty "CustomProperty", branchFlag, "BranchPSet"
logmessage "NoBranchPSet Branch Flag: " & _
logmessage "BranchPSet Branch Flag: " & _
'Output of the script:
'INFO : "NoBranchPSet Branch Flag: False"
'INFO : "BranchPSet Branch Flag: True"

See Also

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