What's New in Basics


Convert geometry to bounding boxes


A new option in the Modify > Convert menu lets you convert selected geometry to bounding boxes. Converting geometry to bounding boxes is useful for quickly reducing the level of detail in your scene.

Convert Geometry to Bounding Box options let you bake the animation of original geometry into bounding box, assign color, and more.

Convert complex production assets to bound boxes and use them as simple, low resolution representations in Scene Assembly workflows.

File Path Editor


The new File Path Editor (Window > General Editors > File Path Editor) lets you manage your scene's file paths directly in Maya. The File Path Editor lists and diagnoses the resolution state of all file paths being used in Maya and provides you with tools to repair pathing issues. The Repath window, Replace String tool, Auto Resolve window, and Actions Preview window let you repath files and preview pathing changes before they occur.

In addition, the File Path Editor can also be used as a scene preparation tool. If you are preparing a scene for use by someone with a different directory structure or platform, you can path to non-existent files.

New Node Editor improvements

New editor layout improvements


The new layout of the Outliner, Asset Editor, and Graph Editor provides better readability and in addition is more compact so as to minimize the need for horizontal scrolling.

Improved navigation in the Outliner

You can now pan the Outliner view using + .

Attribute Editor improvements

You can now disable notes in the Attribute Editor using the new Show Notes option in the Show menu.

Attribute Spread Sheet improvements

A new Attribute Filter field lets you quickly filter attributes in the Attribute Spread Sheet.

New options added to shelf pull-down menu

You can now use the shelf pull-down menu to navigate to the previous or next shelf; or, to jump directly to another shelf of your choice.

Hypergraph connection display

You can now filter the connections that display in the Hypergraph using the Show Connection From Selected and Show Connection To Selected options in the Hypergraph menu (Options > Display).

New orthographic cameras added to Panels menu

You can now use Maya's Panels menu (Panels > Orthographic > New) to create a Back camera, Right camera, Left camera, or Bottom camera.

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