Pinning a node to the Node Editor view


You can click the pin icon to pin a node so that it stays within the Node Editor view and retains its position and size even after a regraph. indicates that the node is pinned and indicates that it is unpinned.

Pinning by default

You can select Options > Pin all nodes by default so that any new nodes you create are automatically pinned. You can also select the same option via the work area marking menus.

Pinning/unpinning multiple nodes

You can select multiple nodes and pin or unpin them all at once. Select multiple nodes and then click the hotkey p to toggle between pinning and unpinning. Alternatively, you can also use the icon in the toolbar to pin or the icon to unpin.

TipIf none of the nodes are highlighted (active) in the Node Editor, then clicking the hotkey p and the and icons affects all of the nodes.

NoteIf, among your selected nodes, some are pinned and others are not, clicking the hotkey p pins them all.

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