Viewing assets in the Node Editor


You can graph your node network and your asset is represented as a node in the Node Editor. Internal members of each asset are hidden and only published attributes are displayed with the node.

Published attributes

You can create connections to and from published attributes. Published attributes, as well as connected attributes of the asset node, are available when you click the input or output master ports, and when the node is displayed in its full mode. View the details of a connection by placing your mouse over the connection line.

In this example, Scale Eh is a published attribute for the canuck asset and is therefore visible and available for connecting to other nodes. Other non-published attributes of member nodes are hidden.

Non-published attributes

Non-published attributes are hidden from the asset, but their connections are visible. The Node Editor displays the connection from the superport, and you can place your mouse over the connection line to see the details of the connection.

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