To obtain the list of nodes displayed in the Node Editor


You can use the -getNodeList flag to print out a list of names of nodes displayed in the Node Editor.

Use the flag in the command line as follows:

nodeEditor -q -getNodeList (nodeEditorName)

NoteTo query the name of the Node Editor panel, do as follows:

getPanel -scriptType "nodeEditorPanel";

You will obtain results similar to the following:

// Result: nodeEditorPanel1 nodeEditorPanel2 //

nodeEditorPanel1 is the editor built in the main Maya window, while nodeEditorPanel2 is the floating editor.

Append NodeEditorEd to the result above, such as: nodeEditorPanel2NodeEditorEd.

The full command therefore becomes: nodeEditor -q -getNodeList nodeEditorPanel2NodeEditorEd;

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