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The Model object represents any Softimage model node, including referenced models, and even the Scene Root. Softimage Models act as a container for objects (usually hierarchies of objects) and many of their properties. are a type of X3DObject and as such can be positioned in space. A model can contains objects, Groups, or other models.

The Scene Root can be accessed using the XSIApplication.ActiveSceneRoot. In addition, any ProjectItem or Parameter item can return a reference to the model in which it lives via the ProjectItem.Model and Parameter.Model properties.

You can also get a collection of all models under a given model by using the X3DObject.Models property (a Model is a specialized kind of X3DObject). Therefore, if you use the the Models property on the Scene Root recursively, it will return all models in the active scene.

To create a new model, use the X3DObject.AddModel method, which also returns a Model object. There are also a few scripting commands which create model nodes as well: CreateModel, SICreateModel, etc.

You can also import or export models (including referenced models) with a series of commands: ImportModel, ExportModel, ImportRefModels, etc. When a referenced model is instantiated in the scene, changes to that model are tracked by the Delta system as of v6.0.


Add2DChain Add3DChain AddActionSource AddAnnotation
AddCamera AddCameraRig AddChild AddControl
AddCustomOp AddCustomProperty AddFxTree AddGeometry
AddGroup AddICEAttribute AddLattice AddLight
AddLightRig AddMaterial AddMixer AddModel
AddNull AddNurbsCurve AddNurbsCurveList AddNurbsCurveList2
AddNurbsSurface AddNurbsSurfaceMesh AddNurbsSurfaceMesh2 AddPolygonMesh
AddPrimitive AddProperty AddScriptedOp AddScriptedOpFromFile
AnimatedParameters2 ApplyEnvelope BelongsTo operator CommitToReference
EvaluateAt FindChild FindChild2 FindChildren
FindChildren2 FindObjects FindObjectsFromCLSID GetActivePrimitive2
GetActivePrimitive3 GetBoundingBox GetICEAttributeFromName GetLocalPropertyFromName
GetLocalPropertyFromName2 GetModels2 GetPropertyFromName GetPropertyFromName2
GetStaticKinematicState operator HasMixer HasStaticKinematicState operator IsA
IsAnimated2 IsClassOf operator IsEqualTo operator IsKindOf
IsLocked operator IsNodeAnimated IsSelected operator LockOwners
NodeAnimatedParameters RemoveChild RemoveFromParent RemoveICEAttribute
SetAsSelected operator SetCapabilityFlag operator SetLock SetMaterial
ShapeAnimatedClusters TaggedParameters UnSetLock  


ActivePrimitive Application BranchFlag operator Capabilities operator
Categories Children Envelopes EvaluationID
ExternalFiles Families operator FullName operator Groups
Help HierarchicalEvaluationID ICEAttributes InstanceMaster
Kinematics LocalProperties LocalRotation LocalScaling
LocalTranslation LockLevel operator LockMasters operator LockType operator
Material Materials Mixer Model
ModelKind Models Name operator NestedObjects
ObjectID Origin OriginPath Owners
PPGLayout operator Parameters operator Parent Parent3DObject
Primitives Properties Selected operator Sources
Type operator