Applies a flexible envelope to the object(s) specified.

Note: You can apply envelopes to several different types of X3DObjects (for example, either nurbs or mesh 3D objects). However, the only type of Cluster that you can use apply an envelope to is the vertex (point) cluster type (siVertexCluster).

C# Syntax

Envelope SceneItem.ApplyEnvelope( Object in_pDeformers, siBranchFlag in_eDeformOnBranch, siBranchFlag in_eEnvelopeOnBranch );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = SceneItem.ApplyEnvelope( Deformers, [DeformOnBranch], [EnvelopeOnBranch] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Deformers SceneItemCollection, SceneItem object, or an Expression Object(s) to be assigned as envelope deformers.
DeformOnBranch siBranchFlag Use all objects in deformers branch

Default Value: siUnspecified

EnvelopeOnBranch siBranchFlag Apply envelope to all objects in the SceneItem's branch

Default Value: siUnspecified


VBScript Example

'VBScript example
set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
set oSkin = oRoot.AddGroup
set oSkeleton = oRoot.AddModel
set oRLeg = oRoot.AddGeometry( "Cylinder","MeshSurface")
oSkin.AddMember oRLeg
set oLLeg = oRoot.AddGeometry( "Cylinder","MeshSurface")
oSkin.AddMember oLLeg
set oChainRoot = oSkeleton.Add3DChain
' apply envelope to geometry branch using
set oEnvelope = oSkin.ApplyEnvelope( oSkeleton, siBranch, siBranch )