Main Toolbar

The main toolbar provides quick access to tools and dialogs for many of the most common tasks in 3ds Max.


The main toolbar, split in two for this illustration

TipIf the main toolbar is wider than the 3ds Max window (or even than your computer screen), you can pan it by dragging a gray area of the toolbar, such as below the drop-down lists.

Select and Link

Unlink Selection

Bind to Space Warp

Selection Filter List

Select Object

Select From Scene

Selection Region Flyout

Window/Crossing Selection Toggle

Select and Move

Select and Rotate

Select and Scale

NoteRight-clicking the move, rotate, or scale button opens the Transform Type-In dialog.

Reference Coordinate System

Use Center Flyout

Select And Manipulate

Keyboard Shortcut Override Toggle

2D Snap, 2.5D Snap, 3D Snap

Angle Snap Toggle

Percent Snap Toggle

Spinner Snap Toggle

Edit Named Selection Sets

Named Selection Sets


Align Flyout

Manage Layers Dialog

Graphite Modeling Tools (Open)

Curve Editor (Open)

Schematic View (Open)

Material Editor flyout

Render Setup

Rendered Frame Window

Render flyout: