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この Track オブジェクトは、ClipContainer内のシーケンスクリップに使用されたクリップのコンテナです。トラックオブジェクトを取得するには、ClipContainer.Tracksプロパティを使用します。トラックには、特定のタイプのクリップのみが含まれています。たとえば、オーディオクリップ(Clip.Type == siClipAudioType)はオーディオトラック(Track.Type == siTrackAudioType)内でのみ検索されるトラックタイプです。siTrackTypeに含まれているいずれかの値を戻す基本プロパティSIObject.Typeです。



AddCustomOp AddICEAttribute AddScriptedOp AddScriptedOpFromFile
AnimatedParameters2 BelongsToオペレータ EvaluateAt GetICEAttributeFromName
IsA IsAnimated2 IsClassOfオペレータ IsEqualToオペレータ
IsKindOf IsLockedオペレータ IsSelectedオペレータ LockOwners
RemoveICEAttribute SetAsSelectedオペレータ SetCapabilityFlagオペレータ SetLock
TaggedParameters UnSetLock    


Application BranchFlagオペレータ Capabilitiesオペレータ Categories
Clips EvaluationID Familiesオペレータ FullNameオペレータ
Help HierarchicalEvaluationID ICEAttributes LockLevelオペレータ
LockMastersオペレータ LockTypeオペレータ Model Nameオペレータ
NestedObjects ObjectID Origin OriginPath
Owners PPGLayoutオペレータ Parametersオペレータ Parent
Parent3DObject Selectedオペレータ Typeオペレータ  

JScript の例


This example demonstrates how to create a compound clip from scripting.

It also shows that when retrieving clips from the ClipContainer it only

returns clips that are on tracks nested directly under it.


NewScene( null, false );

var oRoot = Application.ActiveSceneRoot;

var oCube = oRoot.AddGeometry( "Cube", "MeshSurface" );

// Creating the first animation source

var sParams = oCube + ".kine.local.posx," + oCube + ".kine.local.posy," + oCube + ".kine.local.posz";

var oSource = StoreAction( oRoot, sParams, 1, "StoredStaticPose", 1, 1, 5, 0, 0 );

// Creating the first clip

var oClip = AddClip( oRoot, oSource );

LogMessage( "First created clip " + oClip.FullName );

oCube.posx.Value = 3.0;

// Creating the second animation source

var oSource2 = StoreAction( oRoot, sParams, 1, "StoredStaticPose", 1, 7, 9, 0, 0 );

// Creating the second clip

var oClip2 = AddClip( oRoot, oSource2 );

LogMessage( "Second created clip " + oClip2.FullName );

// This function prints the clip names contained in a clip collection

function PrintClips(oClipCollection)


	for (var i=0; i<oClipCollection.Count; i++) {

		LogMessage( "Clip " +  oClipCollection(i).FullName );



oMixer = oRoot.Mixer;

LogMessage( "List of clips retrieved from the container......." );

PrintClips( oMixer.Clips );

// Creating a compound clip from the clips created earlier

var myClips = new Array( oClip, oClip2 );

var oCompound = CreateCompound( oRoot, myClips );

LogMessage( "Compound clip " + oCompound.FullName );

LogMessage( "List of clips retrieved from the compound.......")

PrintClips( oCompound.Clips );

// Now retrieving once again the clips from under the mixer. This should only return the CompoundClip.

LogMessage( "List of clips retrieved from the mixer after the creation of the compound......." );

PrintClips( oMixer.Clips );

// Output of above script:

//INFO : First created clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track.StoredStaticPose_Clip


//INFO : Second created clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track1.StoredStaticPose1_Clip

//INFO : List of clips retrieved from the container.......

//INFO : Clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track.StoredStaticPose_Clip

//INFO : Clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track1.StoredStaticPose1_Clip


//INFO : Compound clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track.CompoundAction_Clip

//INFO : List of clips retrieved from the compound.......

//INFO : Clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track.CompoundAction_Clip.Mixer_Anim_Track3.StoredStaticPose_Clip

//INFO : Clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track.CompoundAction_Clip.Mixer_Anim_Track4.StoredStaticPose1_Clip


//INFO : List of clips retrieved from the mixer after the creation of the compound.......

//INFO : Clip Mixer.Mixer_Anim_Track.CompoundAction_Clip


ClipContainer.Tracks TrackCollection ClipCollection AddTrack