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Represents a custom property object. A custom property holds a set of parameters which can be created by the user or by scripting. A custom property can be used to store user defined data such as attributes for a game engine. Using the object model this data can be manipulated just like any other property within a Softimage scene.


AddCustomOp AddFCurveParameter AddGridParameter AddICEAttribute
AddParameter AddParameter2 AddParameter3 AddParameterFromDef
AddProxyParameter AddScriptedOp AddScriptedOpFromFile AnimatedParameters2
BelongsTo operator EvaluateAt GetICEAttributeFromName IsA
IsAnimated2 IsClassOf operator IsEqualTo operator IsKindOf
IsLocked operator IsSelected operator LockOwners RemoveICEAttribute
RemoveParameter SetAsSelected operator SetCapabilityFlag operator SetLock
TaggedParameters UnSetLock    


Application BinaryData operator Branch operator BranchFlag operator
Capabilities operator Categories EvaluationID Families operator
FullName operator Help HierarchicalEvaluationID ICEAttributes
LockLevel operator LockMasters operator LockType operator Model
Name operator NestedObjects ObjectID Origin
OriginPath Owners PPGLayout operator Parameters operator
Parent Parent3DObject Selected operator Singleton operator
Type operator      


1. VBScript Example

'VBScript example : find the custom properties on an object
set oSphere = ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root.AddGeometry("Sphere", "NurbsSurface")
'Add two empty custom property sets
oSphere.AddProperty "Custom_parameter_list",,"MyFirstCustomProperty"
oSphere.AddProperty "Custom_parameter_list",,"MySecondCustomProperty"
'List all the custom property sets on the object
for each oLocalProp in oSphere.LocalProperties
if ( oLocalProp.Type = "customparamset" ) then
                logmessage oLocalProp.Name & ", " & oLocalProp.Type & ", " & typename(oLocalProp)
end if
'Results of running this script:
'INFO : "MyFirstCustomProperty, customparamset, CustomProperty"
'INFO : "MySecondCustomProperty, customparamset, CustomProperty"

2. VBScript Example

'VBScript example : Demonstrate creating a cluster with custom property set based on the
'                   selected points
'Setup the scenario
CreatePrim "Grid", "MeshSurface"
SelectGeometryComponents "grid.pnt[34,35,42-44]"
'Now based on selection we create a cluster and property set on the cluster
dim oObj, oNewCluster, oPSet
dim item
set oObj = application.selection
set item = oObj.Item(0)
if ( item.Type = "pntSubComponent" ) then
        set oNewCluster = item.SubComponent.CreateCluster( "MyPointCluster" )
        'Add custom property set to the new cluster
        set oPSet = oNewCluster.AddProperty("Custom_parameter_list",,"MyClusterPSet")
        oPSet.AddParameter "StrCustomParam", siString                                                           
        oPSet.Parameters( "StrCustomParam" ).Value = "TestValue"
        logmessage oPSet.Parameters( "StrCustomParam" ).FullName
end if
'Results of running this script
'INFO : "grid.polymsh.cls.MyPointCluster.MyClusterPSet.StrCustomParam"

3. JScript Example

var app = Application;
var root = app.ActiveSceneRoot;
var nullobj;
nullobj = root.AddNull( "" );
var cpset;
cpset = nullobj.AddCustomProperty("MyCustomPSet", false );
var x, y, bitfield, label, flag, unused;
x = cpset.AddParameter( "x", siDouble, siClassifUnknown, siAnimatable, "Double", "Double X", unused, 10.0, 0.0, 100.0, 10.0, 90.0 );
y = cpset.AddParameter( "y", siInt4, siClassifUnknown, siAnimatable, "Integer", "Integer Y", unused, 10, 0, 100, 10, 90 );
z = cpset.AddParameter( "x", siDouble, siClassifUnknown, siAnimatable, "Double", "Double Z" );
label = cpset.AddParameter( "label", siString, siClassifUnknown, siAnimatable, "Text", "Text Field", unused, "Hello World" );
flag = cpset.AddParameter( "flag", siBool, siClassifUnknown, siAnimatable, "Flag", "Boolean Field", unused, true );
bitfield = cpset.AddParameter( "bitfield", siUByte, siClassifUnknown, siAnimatable, "UByte", "Bitfield", 32 );

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