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v9.0 (2011)


This object is a specialization of the ShaderParamDef object. It allows you to access the sub-elements contained by this shader parameter (ShaderStructParamDef.SubParamDefs, which returns a list of sub parameter definitions in a ShaderParamDefContainer).

To create a ShaderStructParamDef object, specify the siShaderDataTypeStructure shader parameter type in the call to ShaderParamDefContainer.AddParamDef or ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef.


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VBScript Example

' This example demonstrates how to create a dynamic shader definition 
' with an input struct parameter and then populate it with some
' sub parameters.
set app = Application
set oShaderDef = XSIFactory.CreateShaderDef("MyParser", "MyStructDemo", 1, 0)
oShaderDef.AddShaderFamily "mrTexture"
app.LogMessage "Shader definition name: " & oShaderDef.Name
' Set up shader parameter definition options to use with new input parameter
set oShaderInParamDefOptions = XSIFactory.CreateShaderParamDefOptions()
oShaderInParamDefOptions.SetAnimatable False
oShaderInParamDefOptions.SetTexturable True
oShaderInParamDefOptions.SetInspectable True
oShaderInParamDefOptions.SetShortName "Main Struct"
' Add input parameter to definition
set oInputParams = oShaderDef.InputParamDefs
oInputParams.AddParamDef "main", siShaderDataTypeStructure, oShaderInParamDefOptions
' Now print info to see what we have
for each oShaderInParamDef in oShaderDef.InputParamDefs.Definitions 
	app.LogMessage "Input parameter name: " & oShaderInParamDef.DisplayName
	app.LogMessage vbTab & "ClassName: " & app.ClassName(oShaderInParamDef)
	app.LogMessage vbTab & "DataType: " & oShaderInParamDef.DataType
	if oShaderInParamDef.DataType =  siShaderDataTypeStructure then
		set oSubContainer = oShaderInParamDef.SubParamDefs
		oShaderInParamDefOptions.SetShortName "SubColor 1"
		oSubContainer.AddParamDef "sub1", siShaderDataTypeColor4, oShaderInParamDefOptions
		oShaderInParamDefOptions.SetShortName "SubColor 2"
		oSubContainer.AddParamDef "sub2", siShaderDataTypeString, oShaderInParamDefOptions
		oShaderInParamDefOptions.SetShortName "SubColor 3"
		oSubContainer.AddParamDef "sub3", siShaderDataTypeGradient, oShaderInParamDefOptions
		app.LogMessage vbTab & "Number of sub parameter definitions: " & oShaderInParamDef.SubParamDefs.Definitions.Count
		for each oSubParamDef in oShaderInParamDef.SubParamDefs.Definitions
			app.LogMessage vbTab & "Sub parameter name: " & oSubParamDef.DisplayName
			app.LogMessage vbTab & vbTab & "ClassName: " & app.ClassName(oSubParamDef)
			app.LogMessage vbTab & vbTab & "DataType: " & oSubParamDef.DataType
	end if
' Expected result:
' INFO : Shader definition name: MyParser.MyStructDemo.1.0
' INFO : Input parameter name: Main Struct
' INFO : 	ClassName: ShaderStructParamDef
' INFO : 	DataType: 64
' INFO : 	Number of sub parameter definitions: 3
' INFO : 	Sub parameter name: SubColor 1
' INFO : 		ClassName: ShaderStructParamDef
' INFO : 		DataType: 10
' INFO : 	Sub parameter name: SubColor 2
' INFO : 		ClassName: ShaderParamDef
' INFO : 		DataType: 11
' INFO : 	Sub parameter name: SubColor 3
' INFO : 		ClassName: ShaderStructParamDef
' INFO : 		DataType: 18

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