v9.0 (2011)


Defines the Shader parameter type for a Parameter object belonging to Shader, Material, Light or Camera. Shader parameter types only apply to parameters that support the siTexturable capability. This can be tested using the Parameter.Capabilities property. The output type of a shader can be checked using the Shader.OutputType property.

Note: Each data type, apart from siShaderDataTypeUnknown, has also an equivalent string name that can be used to create shader parameter definitions using type strings, instead of this enum. Custom port types can't be registered using those built-in string names. The string names are shown in brackets after each type's description.

C# Syntax

siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeUnknown                           // -1
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeBoolean                           // 0
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeInteger                           // 1
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeScalar                            // 2
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeVector2                           // 3
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeVector3                           // 4
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeVector4                           // 5
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeQuaternion                        // 6
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeMatrix33                          // 7
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeMatrix44                          // 8
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeColor3                            // 9
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeColor4                            // 10
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeString                            // 11
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeProperty                          // 16
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeProfileCurve                      // 17
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeGradient                          // 18
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeLightProfile                      // 19
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeReference                         // 32
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeImage                             // 33
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeCustom                            // 48
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeStructure                         // 64
siShaderParameterDataType.siShaderDataTypeArray                             // 65

Constant Value Description
siShaderDataTypeArray 65 An array container ["array"]
siShaderDataTypeBoolean 0 A boolean value ["boolean"]
siShaderDataTypeColor3 9 A 3-scalar component color value (red, green, and blue) ["color3"]
siShaderDataTypeColor4 10 A 4-scalar component color value (red, green, blue, and alpha) ["color4"]
siShaderDataTypeCustom 48 Custom data type. Used with the siShaderCustomDataType shader definition attribute. ["custom"]
siShaderDataTypeGradient 18 A color gradient ["gradient"]
siShaderDataTypeImage 33 An image input (texture map) ["image"]
siShaderDataTypeInteger 1 A signed integer value ["integer"]
siShaderDataTypeLightProfile 19 A light profile parameter ["lightprofile"]
siShaderDataTypeMatrix33 7 A 9-scalar component matrix value ["matrix33"]
siShaderDataTypeMatrix44 8 A 16-scalar component matrix value ["matrix44"]
siShaderDataTypeProfileCurve 17 A profile curve (scalar fcurve) ["fcurve"].
siShaderDataTypeProperty 16 A property lookup parameter. Used with the siShaderPropertyFilterType shader definition attribute. ["property"]
siShaderDataTypeQuaternion 6 A 4-scalar component quaternion value ["quaternion"]
siShaderDataTypeReference 32 A reference input. Used with the siShaderReferenceFilterType shader definition attribute. ["reference"]
siShaderDataTypeScalar 2 A scalar (floating point) value ["scalar"]
siShaderDataTypeString 11 A string value ["string"]
siShaderDataTypeStructure 64 A strucure container ["structure"]
siShaderDataTypeUnknown -1 Not a known type
siShaderDataTypeVector2 3 A 2-scalar component vector value ["vector2"]
siShaderDataTypeVector3 4 A 3-scalar component vector value ["vector3"]
siShaderDataTypeVector4 5 A 4-scalar component vector value ["vector4"]

Applies To

ShaderParamDef.DataType ShaderParameter.DataType ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef ShaderParamDefContainer.AddParamDef ShaderParamDef::GetDataType ShaderParameter::GetDataType ShaderParamDefContainer::AddArrayParamDef ShaderParamDefContainer::AddParamDef

See Also

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