ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef operator


v9.0 (2011)


Adds a ShaderArrayParamDef to this container.

Warning: You must specify any characteristics such as display name, capabilities, value range, etc. for this parameter definition on the ShaderParamDefOptions object before calling this method.

Note: This method could return an invalid object in python, use ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef2 instead.

C# Syntax

ShaderParamDef ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef( String in_ParameterName, Object in_ParameterType, ShaderParamDefOptions in_Options );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef( in_ParameterName, in_ParameterType, in_Options );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
in_ParameterName String The registered name for the new parameter. On an instance of this parameter definition (ShaderParameter), this value will be returned when you call the Parameter.ScriptName property.

To set the label you see in the UI for this parameter, use the ShaderParamDefOptions.SetLongName method.

To set the ShaderParamDef.DisplayName, use the ShaderParamDefOptions.SetShortName method.
in_ParameterType String or siShaderParameterDataType The type of shader parameter to create. If a string is passed, it can refer to either the string version of any of the siShaderParameterDataType values or a custom data type that has been registered with XSIApplication.RegisterShaderCustomParameterType.
in_Options ShaderParamDefOptions Options for this shader parameter definition. Use the XSIFactory.CreateShaderParamDefOptions method to create the options as a ShaderParamDefOptions object.

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