Draw on the scene view with Grease Pencil


To draw with the Grease Pencil

  1. Click the Grease Pencil icon in a panel toolbar, or select View > Camera Tools > Grease Pencil Tool.

    The Grease Pencil Tool displays.

  2. In the Time Slider, go to the frame where you want to create a sketch.
  3. Click in the Grease Pencil tool to add a new sketch at the current frame.

    A Grease Pencil frame is added to the Time Slider, and a 1024 x 1024 transparent plane (texture file) is attached to the current camera.

  4. Select the brush you want, then click and drag to draw on top of the scene view.

    To erase brush strokes on the current sketch, select the Eraser tool . If you have a Wacom tablet and the latest drivers installed, you can also use the stylus eraser.

  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 at any other frame to create a sequence of Grease Pencil drawings.

    By default, a ghost of each sketch displays before and after the actual Grease Pencil frame. See also Control blending of Grease Pencil images.

  • Use the hotkeys + + < and > to navigate to the previous and next Grease Pencil frames in the Time Slider.
  • Playblast the sequence of Grease Pencil images to create a movie out of your sketches. See Playblast a sequence of Grease Pencil sketches.

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