Track View Menu Bar
Command entry: Track View Menu bar

A menu bar appears at the top of Track View in both Curve Editor and Dope Sheet modes and the expanded track bar layout. The Track View menu bar is contextual; it changes slightly between Curve Editor and Dope Sheet modes.

The commands available on the Track View menus can also be accessed on the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet toolbars. Certain tools, however, appear only on the toolbars, and do not appear in the menus.

  • Modes Menu

    The Modes menu lets you switch between the Curve Editor and Dope Sheet when working in Track View.

  • Controller Menu

    The Controller menu gives you tools for working with controllers that are assigned to objects or tracks when in the Curve Editor or Dope Sheet.

  • Tracks Menu

    There are two types of special tracks that can be accessed from the Tracks menu: Note tracks and Visibility tracks.

  • Keys Menu

    The commands on the Keys menu let you add, remove, slide, or scale keys while you work in either the Curve Editor or the Dope Sheet.

  • Curves Menu

    The Curves menu is only available when working in Track View's Curve Editor mode. The tools on this menu facilitate curve adjustments.

  • Time Menu

    Use tools on the Time menu to edit, adjust, or reverse time. The Time menu is available only when Track View is in Dope Sheet mode.

  • Options Menu

    The Options menu contains a series of toggles and switches that control how items are handled in the Controller window.

  • Display Menu

    Display is only available when Track View is in Curve Editor mode. The toggles in the Display menu let you adjust and customize how the items in the Curve Editor appear.

  • View Menu

    These commands replicate those found on the Navigation toolbar in Track View.

  • Utilities Menu

    The Utilities menu gives you access to the Track View Utilities dialog. The dialog shows a list of tools you can use when working with keys. This menu is available in both Curve Editor and Dope Sheet modes.

  • Track View Quad Menus

    Right-clicking the Key window or Hierarchy list brings up a quad menu that offers instant access to tools. The menu is context-sensitive, so its contents vary, depending on what is highlighted. For example, when the Hierarchy list is active, you can assign copy and paste controllers, and open properties which you can animate. You can set the Auto Expand and Manual Navigation controls to change the behavior of the Controller window display.