Track View Utilities
Command entry: Track View Utilities menu Track View Utilities
Command entry: Track View Tools toolbar (Track View Utilities)

Track View Utilities displays a dialog listing plug-in Track View utilities. A typical Track View utility displays a modeless dialog (though utilities can be modal) and provides functions that can be applied across multiple selected keys and tracks. You can launch more than one utility by choosing Track View Utilities again.

Available Utilities


To select a Track View utility:

  1. Open the Curve Editor, and then from the Utilities menu, choose Track View Utilities.
  2. In the Track View Utilities dialog, choose from the available utilities, and click OK.


The dialog displays a list of the available utilities. Click to highlight the name of the utility you want to use, and then click OK; or simply double-click the name of the utility.

  • Randomize Keys Utility

    Randomize Keys applies random offset values to the times and/or values of selected keys.

  • Create Out of Range Keys Utility

    Create Out of Range Keys creates keys in the out-of-range time of a track when the out of range type is something other than Constant. It converts the specified out-of-range area to a keyed area that you can edit and adjust.

  • Select Keys By Time Utility

    The Select Keys By Time utility lets you select keys within a specified start and end range of time. You can select a large range of time, which might be difficult to select using the mouse in the Track View Key window for example.

  • Euler Filter

    This Track View utility corrects for gimbal flipping (anomalous rotation animation) in objects animated using Euler rotation by processing existing animation keys in selected animated tracks. It's particularly useful for cleaning up rotation artifacts when importing raw motion-capture data. This process does not break any keyed orientations.

  • Soft Selection Settings

    Displays a toolbar with controls to adjust the range and falloff of the soft selection of keys in the Dope Sheet and Curve Editor.

  • Current Value Editor

    The Current Value Editor gives you a way to use numeric input to affect the values of the keys inside the Track View windows.