Color Modifier Maps

Color Modifier maps alter the colors of pixels in a material.

  • Color Correction Map

    The Color Correction map provides an assortment of tools for modifying the colors of an incorporated, underlying map, using a stack-based method. Tools for correcting color include monochrome, inversion, custom rewiring of color channels, hue shift, and adjustment of saturation and lightness. Color-adjustment controls in many cases mirror those found in Autodesk Toxik and Autodesk Combustion.

  • Output Map

    With Output map, you can apply output settings to procedural maps, such as Checker or Marble, that don't have these settings.

  • RGB Tint Map

    RGB Tint adjusts the value of the three color channels in an image. Three color swatches represent these channels. Changing a color swatch adjusts the value of its associated color channel.

  • Vertex Color Map

    Vertex Color map makes any vertex coloring applied to an object available for rendering. You can assign vertex colors using the VertexPaint Modifier, the Assign Vertex Colors utility, or the vertex controls for an editable mesh, editable patch, or editable poly.