Editable Patch (Vertex)
Command entry:Select an editable patch Modify panel Modifier stack display Expand the Editable Patch entry. Vertex sub-object level
Command entry:Select an editable patch Modify panel Selection rollout (Vertex)
Command entry:Select an editable patch Right-click the patch Tools 1 (upper-left) quadrant of the quad menu Sub-objects Vertex

At the Editable Patch (Vertex) level, you can select single and multiple vertices and move them using standard methods. You can also move and rotate vector handles, thus affecting the shapes of any patches connected to the vertex.


To transform either vertices or vectors:

  1. At Patch (Vertex) level, with Selection rollout Filter group Vertices turned on, select vertices in the patch object you want to transform.

    Vertices and their vectors both appear.

  2. Turn off one of the filters, leaving the other on, and choose a transform.

    A transform cursor appears when you move onto a vertex or vector in the selection set. You can toggle between filters to alternatively transform either component.

To switch vertex types:

  1. Right-click a patch vertex.
  2. Choose from commands on the quad menu. The Tools 1 (upper-left) quadrant includes two options specific to patch vertices:
    • Coplanar: If you set a patch control point's property to be coplanar, it's like locking the handle of the outgoing vector for that point. Moving a handle attached to a coplanar vertex causes the opposite vectors to adjust their positions to maintain a coplanar surface. This option is the default and gives smooth transitions between patches.
    • Corner: If you set a patch control point's property to be corner, it unlocks the handle of the outgoing vector, so you can create a discontinuous break in the patch surface.

To switch vertex types from Coplanar to Corner, do one of the following:

To delete a vertex:

  1. At Patch (Vertex) level, select a vertex.
  2. Click Delete.

    The vertex and all patches sharing this control point are deleted.

    Deleting vertices

To weld vertices:

  1. At Patch (Vertex) level, select two valid vertices on different patches.
  2. Set Weld Threshold to a value at least equal to the distance between the selected vertices.
  3. Click Selected.

    The two vertices move together and join.

    Welding vertices

To transform interior vertices:

Using program defaults, you can select only vertices and vectors on the outer edge or boundary of a patch. This default is known as Auto Interior.

In some cases, you might want to move the interior vertices. For example, you might want to tweak a patch's curvature without having to subdivide the patch.


Selection rollout

For information on the controls in this rollout, see Selection Rollout (Editable Patch).

Soft Selection rollout

See Soft Selection Rollout for information on the Soft Selection rollout settings.

Geometry rollout

See Geometry Rollout (Patch) for detailed descriptions of these controls.

Surface Properties rollout

Edit Vertex Colors group

Use these controls to assign the color, illumination color (shading), and alpha (transparency) values of selected vertices.


Click the color swatch to change the color of selected vertices.


Click the color swatch to change the illumination color of selected vertices. This lets you change the color of shadows without changing the vertex colors.


Lets you assign an alpha (transparency) value to selected vertices.

The spinner value is a percentage; zero is completely transparent and 100 is completely opaque.

Select Vertex By group

Color and Illumination radio buttons

These buttons determine whether to select vertices by vertex color values or vertex illumination values.

Color Swatch

Displays the Color Selector, where you can specify a color to match.


Depending on which radio button is selected, selects all vertices whose vertex color or illumination values either match the color swatch, or are within the range specified by the RGB spinners.


Specifies a range for the color match. All three RGB values in the vertex color or illumination must either match the color specified by the Color swatch in Select By Vertex Color, or be within plus or minus the values in the Range spinners. Default=10.