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MassFX Reference

This section describes each menu item, button, and parameter of the plug-in. If you like to jump right in, stop reading and go play! When you have a question about a feature, you can come back here and look it up.

For a solid grounding in MassFX concepts, we recommend that you read the Using MassFX in 3ds Max section of this help.
  • MassFX Toolbar

    The MassFX toolbar provides quick access to the most commonly used commands.

  • MassFX Tools Dialog

    The MassFX Tools dialog provides ready access to most general settings and controls for creating physical simulations in 3ds Max. It contains four tabbed panels, each of which is described in detail in its own topic within this section.

  • MassFX Submenu

    The MassFX submenu, available from the Animation menu on the Menu bar, provides access to most MassFX tools and interface elements. It contains a submenu for each of four subsets of MassFX features. Most of these commands are also available in other areas of the MassFX interface.

  • MassFX Rigid Body Modifier

    For a geometric object to participate in a physics simulation, it must have the MassFX Rigid Body modifier applied. The easiest way to do this is by selecting the object and then choosing the appropriate rigid body type from the flyout on the MassFX toolbar.

  • MassFX Constraint Helper

    The Constraint helper in MassFX lets two rigid bodies work together, as with a door and its frame using the Hinge constraint. Alternatively, you can use a constraint to link a single rigid body to a point in space. For an overview of constraints, see Constraining Physics Objects.

  • Skeleton Helper

    The Skeleton helper is a component of MassFX that lets animated characters participate in simulations as kinematic rigid bodies. The character can be a Bones system, a Biped, or a CATRig, plus, optionally, an associated mesh using Skin. One beneficial aspect of the Skeleton helper is that it helps you improve performance by grouping bones to act together as a single rigid body.