Object Hierarchy | Related C++ Class: CVector3


A 3 element vector that is represented by double precision floating point x,y,z coordinates. In this API vectors are considered as row vectors as described in [Foley, J., and A. van Dam, Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1982]. This is important when you multiply a SIVector3 by a SIMatrix3 or a SIMatrix4.


Absolute AbsoluteInPlace Add AddInPlace
Angle Clamp ClampInPlace Copy
Cross Dot EpsilonEquals Equals
Get Get2 Length LengthSquared
LinearlyInterpolate MaxComponent MaxComponentIndex MinComponent
MinComponentIndex MulByMatrix3 MulByMatrix3InPlace MulByMatrix4
MulByMatrix4InPlace MulByRotation MulByRotationInPlace MulByTransformation
MulByTransformationInPlace Negate NegateInPlace Normalize
NormalizeInPlace Scale ScaleAdd ScaleAddInPlace
ScaleInPlace Set SetNull Sub


Value X Y Z


1. VBScript Example

dim v1
' Create 3D vector.
set v1 = XSIMath.CreateVector3
v1.x = 1.5
v1.y = v1.x + 2.0
v1(2) = v1.y - 1.0

2. VBScript Example

set cone = ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root.AddGeometry("Cone", "NurbsSurface")
' set the transform with rotation values
set transfo = XSIMath.CreateTransform
transfo.SetRotationFromXYZAnglesValues 45.0, 0.0, -60.0
' get back the rotation euler values
transfo.GetRotationXYZAnglesValues rotX, rotY, rotZ
Application.LogMessage "rot X: " & rotX & " rot Y: " & rotY & " rot Z: " & rotZ

See Also

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