Sets or returns a Double as the (i)th value of the vector, where x is i=0. Value is the SIVector3 object's default property, which means that you can call the method by just using the parenthesis and leaving out the property name, for example v(i).

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Double ISIVector3.get_Value( Int16 in_nIndex );
// set accessor
ISIVector3.set_Value( Int16 in_nIndex, Double pVal );


Parameter Type Description
Index SIVector3 index of vector value


JScript Example

var oVector = XSIMath.CreateVector3() ;
oVector.X = 5 ;
// oVector.Value(0) is equivalent to .X property
Application.LogMessage( oVector.Value( 0 ) ) ;
// This is a shortform
Application.LogMessage( oVector(0) ) ;
//INFO : 5
//INFO : 5