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The ikSystem node is the control center for IK. All ikHandles, ikSolvers, and skeletons are ultimately controlled by the ikSystem. It determines whether ik or forward kinematics is to be performed based on rules.

The ikSystem has two global control attributes, globalSolve and globalSnap. If globalSolve is off, there is no IK solving. If globalSnap is off, ikHandles will not be snapped to the ikEffector location. These two attributes are on by default. They are the highest priority controls in the ikSystem.

The other attribute is ikSolver. It shows how the ikSystem organizes ikSolvers. When an ikSolver is created, it will be connected with the ikSystem through this attribute, and the order of these connections implies a priority for that ikSolver.

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Related nodes

joint, ikSolver, ikMCsolver, ikSplineSolver, ikSCsolver, ikRPsolver, ikPASolver, ikEffector, ikHandle

Attributes (6)

globalSnap, globalSolve, handleGroupsList, handleGroupsListDirtyFlag, handleGroupsListSortedFlag, ikSolver

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
globalSnap (gsn) booltrueoutputinputconnectablestorable
If false, no handle will be snapped.
globalSolve (gsv) booltrueoutputinputconnectablestorable
If false, ikSolvers will not start.
ikSolver (sol) Messagen/aarrayinputconnectable
The index of this attribute implies the solver priority.
handleGroupsList (hgl) voidPtrvoidPtroutputinputhidden
Intended for internal use only
handleGroupsListDirtyFlag (hld) boolfalseoutputinputhidden
Intended for internal use only
handleGroupsListSortedFlag (hls) boolfalseoutputinputhidden
Intended for internal use only