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Inverse kinematics solver node. It is the base class for all the ik solvers.

An ikSolver node contains an inverse kinematics algorithm. It is used by the ikHandle node. The (is-used) association between an ikSolver node and an ikHandle node is made through the connection from the message attribute (derived) of the ikSolver node to the ikSolver attribute of the ikHandle node.

ikHandle nodes include the objectives and resources for the ik solver.

The startJoint and endEffector attributes of the ikHandle defines the resource: all the joints in the DAG from the joint connected with the startJoint and the ikEffector connected with the endEffector. Most ik solvers use the rotation attributes to meet the objective. As an exception, ikSplineSolve may use the translation attribute of the start joint.

Objectives may vary from solver to solver. Most solvers attempts to find values for the resource attributes so that the endEffector's world position/orientation coincides with that of the ikHandle. ikSplineSolver, However, attempts to place the joint chain on a curve associated with the ikHandle.

Details will be given on individual types of solvers.

This node is abstract

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Related nodes

joint, ikMCsolver, ikSplineSolver, ikSCsolver, ikRPsolver, ikPASolver, ikSystem, ikEffector, ikHandle

Attributes (2)

maxIterations, tolerance

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
maxIterations (mxi) integer2147483647outputinputstorable
Max number of iterations for the numerical algorithm contained in the solver if the algorithm is iterative. A very large number implies termination by tolerance.
tolerance (tol) double0.00001outputinputstorable
Numerical tolerance used to terminate an iterative algorithm.