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ikMCsolver works on multiple ikHandle's simultaneously. All the ikHandle's that use this solver and share the same value of the priority attribute will be solved simultaneousely.

ikMCsolver is history dependent, meaning that it may produce different solutions after the ikHandle is moved, or rotated, away and put back again.

It uses the rotation attributes of all the joints from the startJoint to the endEffector specified by the ikHandle's. In order for a specific rotation attribute, say rotateX, to be used, it must be in the jointType attribute (of string type) of the corresponding joint. For example, rotateX will not be used if the jointType attribute has value "yz".

For each ikHandle, the objective of this solver is to put the position and orientation of the effector in the world space to where the ikHandle is. The poWeight attribute is used to balance the requirements on the position and orientation. poWeight being 1.0 means that the orientation requirement is completely ignored. The values of the weight attribute of the ikHandle's to be solved together are used to negotiate the final solution if it is not possible to meet the objectives of all the ikHandle's simultaneously.

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