ShaderParamDefOptions.SetLongName operator


v9.0 (2011)


Sets the a user-friendly version of the parameter name that will appear in the UI. This is the value that the Parameter.ScriptName property returns on the instance (ShaderParameter).

Note: If you don't set this option, the name you pass to the ShaderParamDefContainer.AddParamDef or ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef method when adding the ShaderParamDef will appear in the UI instead. Alternatively, you could also specify the UI name when you add this parameter as a PPGItem on the property page or render tree layout via the PPGLayout.AddItem method.

C# Syntax

ShaderParamDefOptions.SetLongName( String in_str );

Scripting Syntax

ShaderParamDefOptions.SetLongName( in_str );


Parameter Type Description
in_str String Parameter name to be displayed in the UI (either on the shader node or on the associated property page).

See Also

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