ShaderParamDefOptions.SetShortName operator


v9.0 (2011)


Sets the short version of the parameter name (the ShaderParamDef.DisplayName). This is the name that appears in the Scene Explorer (with the View > Use Script Names option turned OFF). It is also the same value that the SIObject.Name property returns on the instance (ShaderParameter).

Note: If you don't set this option, the name you pass to the ShaderParamDefContainer.AddParamDef or ShaderParamDefContainer.AddArrayParamDef method when adding the ShaderParamDef will be used instead.

C# Syntax

ShaderParamDefOptions.SetShortName( String in_str );

Scripting Syntax

ShaderParamDefOptions.SetShortName( in_str );


Parameter Type Description
in_str String ShaderParamDef.DisplayName in the Scene Explorer

See Also

ShaderParamDef.DisplayName SIObject.Name ShaderParamDefOptions.SetLongName