Checks if an object is a member of the group.

For large numbers of objects, it's better to use SIObject.IsEqualTo on each member (and ProjectItem.BranchFlag, if you want to know if the object is a branch member).

C# Syntax

Boolean Group.IsMember( Object in_member, Boolean in_branchmember );

Scripting Syntax

oBoolean = Group.IsMember( Member, [BranchMember] );

Return Value


True if the object is a member, and False otherwise.


Parameter Type Description
Member SceneItem The object to check.
BranchMember Boolean True to test if the object is a branch member.

Default Value: False


JScript Example

// This example shows how to test a group for branch members. 
NewScene(null, false );
var a = ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry( "Cube", "MeshSurface", "A");
a.length.value = 2;
var b = a.AddGeometry("Cube", "MeshSurface", "B");
b.length.value = 2;
Translate( b, 5 );
var c = b.AddGeometry("Cube", "MeshSurface", "C");
c.length.value = 2;
Translate( c, 5 );
// Create a group
var group = ActiveSceneRoot.AddGroup();
// Add members to the group
group.AddMember( a, true );
group.AddMember( b, false );
var eSelection = new Enumerator(selection);
// Check if the selected object is a group member.
for ( ; !eSelection.atEnd(); eSelection.moveNext() )
	var obj = eSelection.item();
	if ( group.IsMember( obj, false ) )
		logmessage( "selected object '"+ +"' is a group member");
	if ( group.IsMember( obj, true ) )
		logmessage( "selected object '"+ +"' is a branch group member");
//INFO : selected object 'A' is a group member
//INFO : selected object 'A' is a branch group member
//INFO : selected object 'B' is a group member

See Also

Group.IsMember Group.Members