Transforming Objects about the Mouse Pointer

The View Plane Pivot Transform Tool lets you translate, rotate, and scale both objects and components using the mouse pointer as the pivot. It can be used with proportional modeling (see Using Proportional Modeling [Modeling and Deformation Basics]) as well as snapping (see Snapping).

To transform with the View Plane Pivot Transform Tool

  1. Select one or more elements to transform.

  2. Choose Modify Component View Plane Pivot Transform Tool from the Model toolbar.

  3. Select the manipulation mode on the Transform panel:

    • Click View to manipulate in the viewing plane.

    • Click Plane to use the last reference, or right-click it to pick a new reference. See About Reference Planes for more information about reference planes.

  4. Click and drag in any 3D view.

    • Use the left mouse button to translate.

    • Use the middle mouse button to rotate.

    • Use the right mouse button to scale. Objects are scaled uniformly and components are scaled in the appropriate plane.

    The position of the mouse pointer when you first click is used as the pivot for rotating and scaling, as well as the position that snaps to targets when translating.