Nudging Objects

You can nudge elements to translate them by a very small amount. This is useful when performing fine adjustments to the position of objects, components, and clusters.

Nudging moves elements by one pixel in screen space. The exact amount in scene units depends on the view: the size of the window, the zoom setting, the dolly amount, and so on.

To nudge elements

  1. Select one or more objects, components, or clusters.

  2. Make sure the mouse pointer is over the desired view.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Press Shift+Home to nudge one pixel left.

    • Press Shift+End to nudge one pixel right.

    • Press Shift+PageUp to nudge one pixel up.

    • Press Shift+PageDown to nudge one pixel down.

Note that if you use the navigation keys on the numeric keypad, Num Lock must be off.