Shrinkwrap vertices with the Modeling Toolkit


The Shrinkwrap option wraps the vertices of one object (the wrapper) onto the surface of another object (the target).

To shrinkwrap a selection

  1. In Maya, open a scene with at least two polygon meshes.
  2. Make the target object a live surface. See Set a live surface.
  3. Select the wrapper mesh in your scene.
  4. In the Modeling Toolkit window, select Edit > Shrinkwrap Selection.

    The wrapper mesh automatically snaps to the surface of the target mesh.

    The placement of the wrapper mesh determines the section of the target mesh that is wrapped. In the following example, the sphere is placed at world origin. The plane wraps to different parts of the sphere depending upon its original location:

  5. (Optional) Activate the Quad Draw tool and relax vertices on your wrapper mesh. See Relax vertices with Quad Draw.

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