Set a live surface


When an object is live, other objects and tools automatically snap to its surface.

TipWhen Make Live is used with the Quad Draw tool, you can create new topology that is snapped to a live surface. See Retopologize a mesh with Quad Draw.

To set a live surface

  1. Select an object in your scene.
    NoteYour live surface can be a polygon mesh, NURBS surface, or construction plane. Make Live also supports hidden surfaces.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • -click the object, and then select Make Live from the pop-up menu.
    • Select the Make Live icon in the Status Line.
    • Select Modify > Make Live.

    The selected object becomes a live surface and its name displays beside the Make Live icon in the Status Line. A live surface's wireframe color is dark green, but it only displays when Wireframe or Wireframe on Shaded mode is enabled.

To swap a live surface

  1. -click the Make Live icon and select a previous live surface from the pop-up menu.

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