Enable Modeling Toolkit symmetry


To enable symmetry

  1. In your scene, select an edge on your polygon mesh. This edge acts as the line of symmetry, and the mesh topology must be the same on either side of this edge.
  2. In the Modeling Toolkit window, click Symmetry.
    TipYou can also select Symmetry from the marking menus (W/E/R + ).

    Symmetry is enabled. Any selection you make is highlighted in blue and is applied to both sides of the mesh.

To disable symmetry

  1. In the Modeling Toolkit window, click Symmetry.

To use symmetrize

Symmetrize copies the selected mesh topology across the symmetry axis.

  1. Enable symmetry.
  2. Select a portion of your mesh.

  3. Select Edit > Symmetrize from the Modeling Toolkit menus.
    TipYou can also select Symmetrize from the marking menus (W/E/R + ).

    Maya repositions the selection to match the geometry on the opposite side of the mesh.

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