Relax vertices with Quad Draw


The Relax brush can be used to quickly clean up topology. When the Quad Draw tool is active, the Relax brush lets you even out the spacing between vertices along a surface that is snapped to a reference surface.

To relax vertices

  1. Ensure that Quad Draw is selected in the Modeling Toolkit window.
  2. Select a Relax option from the Quad Draw Tool marking menu ( + + ) or Quad Draw Options.
  3. Relax vertices by doing one of the following:
    NoteThe Relax brush auto-activates as soon as you move your cursor over a Quad Draw mesh.
    • Drag the Relax brush over vertices.
    • Activate Soft Selection mode (b), and then drag the Relax brush over vertices. See Soft Selection mode.
      NoteThe Relax brush applies equal weighting to the entire falloff area, so modifying the Falloff curve does not affect your results.
  4. Continue to relax vertices by repeatedly dragging the Relax brush across the Quad Draw mesh.

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