What's New in Paint Effects


Surface interaction


New Paint Effects attributes improve surface interactions and add collisions with selected geometry. Set Surface Snap and Surface Attract attributes to pull Paint Effects strokes toward objects so that the stroke paths accurately follow surface contours. Turn on Surface Collide to create collisions between Paint Effects strokes and surface points.

Use these attributes to add clinging vines to buildings or cover geometry surfaces with tangled foliage.

Watch: Paint Effects Surface Interaction and Collisions

Occupation Surface and Occupation Volume


Use new Occupation Surface and Occupation Volume attributes to create more realistic foliage with Paint Effects strokes and Line Modifiers. Based on a space colonization algorithm, these attributes simulate the tendency of plants to seek unoccupied space to grow.

Occupation Surface and Occupation Volume can generate arbitrary patterns in tubes which resemble dense bushes and intricate vine systems or the fine details of leaves and other biological shapes.

Make Collide


Create collisions between Paint Effects strokes and selected geometry with a new Make Collide menu option ( Paint Effects > Make Collide). Use Make Collide to create effects such as footprint impressions in grass, colliding raindrops, and more.

Randomize leaf and flower sizes


Create more realistic-looking leaves and flowers on your Paint Effects foliage with new Leaf Size Rand and Flower Size Rand attributes. These attributes let you easily add size randomization to leaves and flowers without modifying each leaf and flower or using multi-step workflows.

Line Modifier Fill Object


Add selected geometry to Line Modifier shapes with a new Line Modifier Fill Object feature. Use this option (Paint Effects > Set Modifier Fill Object) to create irregular-shaped bounds on Line Modifier effects.

Adding a fill object to a Line Modifier is useful when you want branches to grow in shapes that match selected geometry.

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