Create an Occupation Surface effect


To create an Occupation Surface effect

  1. Complete the steps to paint on objects.
  2. Select the Paint Effects stroke and click the brush node tab in the Attribute Editor.
  3. Expand the Tubes > Behavior > Occupation Surface sections.
  4. Increase the Occupation Attraction attribute.

    Maya creates attraction points on the surface of the painted object.

    Note When increasing Occupation Attraction, the stroke's tube geometry can interpenetrate the surface of the painted object. To fix interpenetrations, turn on Surface Collide.
  5. If needed, turn on Surface Collide in the Tubes > Behavior > Forces section.
  6. Set the Occupation Surface attributes to create the desired effect.

    When you are satisfied with the stroke's behavior, add these settings to the brush template so that you can quickly apply the effect on subsequent strokes. See Define template brush settings.

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