Modeling Toolkit menus



Activate/Deactivate Modeling Toolkit
Toggles the state of the Modeling Toolkit. When activated, Maya's native transform and selection tools are replaced with the Modeling Toolkit's toolset. See Activate the Modeling Toolkit.
TipYou can also use the power button to quickly toggle the state of the Modeling Toolkit.
Auto-Activate Modeling Toolkit
The Auto-Activate Modeling Toolkit option forces Maya to use the Modeling Toolkit's selection and transformation tools. When enabled, the Modeling Toolkit's tools are always used regardless of whether the Modeling Toolkit is active or not. When disabled, the Modeling Toolkit's tools are only used when they are selected from the Modeling Toolkit window.
Modeling Toolkit Preferences
Opens the Modeling Toolkit preferences window. See Modeling Toolkit preferences.


When symmetry is enabled, Symmetrize copies the selected mesh topology across the symmetry axis. See Enable symmetry.
Shrinkwrap selection
Wraps the vertices of one object onto the surface of another object. See Shrinkwrap vertices with the Modeling Toolkit.


Toggles the visibility of the selected object(s).
Freezes or unfreezes the selected object(s).
X-Ray On/Off
Turns X-Ray on or off for the selected object(s).
Show/Hide Backfaces
Toggles backface culling for the selected object(s).
Show/Hide Face Triangles
Toggles visibility of face triangles on the selected object(s).

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