Modeling Toolkit transform tools


The Modeling Toolkit includes three unique transform tools:


Move tool


Rotate tool


Scale tool

When any of the transform tools are selected, the following sections appear in the Modeling Toolkit window:

Transform Options

Coordinate space
Aligns the manipulator to the center of the scene. This is the default option. See World space.
Aligns the manipulator to the object's local space. See Object space.
Aligns the manipulator to the last component's normal. See Local space.
Orients the manipulator to the Adjust Pivot button settings.
Adjust Pivot
Lets you set the position and orientation of the pivot point. The custom pivot is used when coordinate space is set to Custom. See Custom pivot adjustment mode.
Transform attributes
Lets you set the XYZ coordinates for the move, rotate, or scale manipulators. Click the X, Y, or Z buttons to set the active manipulator handle, or click the vertical button beside the X, Y, and Z buttons to set the active handle to XYZ. See Custom pivot adjustment mode and Tweak mode.

Soft Selection

Soft Selection
When enabled, the falloff region around your selection receives a weighted transformation based on the falloff curve. If this option is enabled and nothing is selected, moving your cursor over polygon components displays a preview of the soft selection. See Soft selection mode.
TipUse the b hotkey to toggle soft selection mode. Hold b and drag to resize the soft selection falloff area.
Falloff mode
Select from the following falloff distance types:
Extends a spherical radius around your selection and gradually influences all the vertices that are within the spherical range.
When the falloff mode is set to Surface, the soft modification is based on the distance from the selected components along the surface.
Falloff radius
Determines the area of deformation. Enter a value in the falloff radius field to adjust the area.
Tipb + -drag to resize the size of the falloff area.
Falloff curve
Lets you modify the shape of the falloff. The shape of the curve indicates the shape of the falloff around the selected components. You can add additional points to the curve by clicking on the graph and you can modify the position of existing points by click-dragging.

Vertex Locking

Lets you lock components so they are excluded from transformations. See Lock vertices with the Modeling Toolkit.

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