Custom pivot adjustment mode


Custom pivot adjustment mode lets you position and orient the pivot point anywhere in coordinate space.

To enter custom pivot adjustment mode

  1. In the Modeling Toolkit window, select a transform tool. See Transform tools.
  2. Click Adjust Pivot in the Transform Options to enter custom pivot adjustment mode.
    TipHolding the D hotkey temporarily activates pivot adjustment mode until you release the key. Quickly pressing Insert activates pivot adjustment mode permanently. You must press Insert again to turn off pivot adjustment mode.
  3. Position the manipulator using its handles.

To position the custom pivot

You can position the pivot point with respect to polygon components and mesh surfaces.

When a component is beneath your cursor, you can use the following snapping and orientation hotkeys:

To... Do this
Snap the manipulator to the center of the component Click the component.
Aim the active axis handle toward the component Ctrl-click the component.
Slide the cursor along the face Shift-click the component.
Align the pivot to the component Ctrl + Shift-click the component.

When no component is beneath your cursor, you can use the following hotkeys to reset the custom pivot:

To... Do this
Reset the position of the custom pivot Click
Reset the orientation of the custom pivot Ctrl-click
Reset the position and orientation of the custom pivot Ctrl + Shift-click

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