Change the display of clip ghosts


When using clip ghosts to represent clips of animation in the scene view, you can change the way clip ghosts display. By default, when you display ghosts for a clip (Display clip ghosts), ghost poses display for the first and last frame of the clip, and a solid line displays between the poses to show the trajectory of the animation.

To change the display of clip ghosts

  1. In the Outliner, select the clipGhostShape node for the clip whose ghost you want to modify.
    NoteClip ghost node names are based on the name of the clip in the Trax Editor. If you display ghosts for a clip named FunnyWalk, for example, the node is named FunnyWalkClipGhostShape in the Outliner.
  2. In the Attribute Editor clipGhostShape tab, change any of the Clip Ghost Shape Attributes as follows:
    • Turn off the display of the first and last pose ghosts using Show Start Pose and Show End Pose.
    • To display additional clip poses (besides the default first and last frames), turn on Show Intermediate Poses. Set the number of poses to display in the Intermediate Poses field.
    • To turn off the line that displays between poses to indicate the clip trajectory, turn off Show Clip Path.

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