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This node handles duplicating a set of edges in multiple ways.

Node nameParentsClassificationMFn typeCompatible function sets

Related nodes

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Attributes (8)

adjustEdgeFlow, deleteEdge, endVertexOffset, insertWithEdgeFlow, offset, smoothingAngle, splitType, startVertexOffset

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
offset (of) float0.5outputinputconnectablestorable
Weight value controlling the relative positioning of the new edges. Range is [0.0, 1.0].
startVertexOffset (svo) float0.0outputinputconnectablestorable
Weight value controlling the offset of the start vertex of the edgeloop.
endVertexOffset (evo) float0.0outputinputconnectablestorable
Weight value controlling the offset of the end vertex of the edgeloop.
deleteEdge (de) booltrueoutputinputconnectablestorable
When true, the end edges are deleted so the end triangles are converted to quads.
smoothingAngle (sma) angle (double)180.0degoutputinputconnectablestorable
Angle below which new edges will be smoothed
splitType (stp) enum1outputinputconnectablestorable
Format: 0 - Absolute, 1 - Relative
insertWithEdgeFlow (ief) boolfalseoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
True to enable edge flow. Otherwise, the edge flow is disabled.
adjustEdgeFlow (aef) float1.0foutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
The weight value of the edge vertices to be positioned.