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This node creates a new poly by applying a boolean operation on the input polys. Unlike the parent node polyUnite, this node only functions with exactly two input polys.

Node nameParentsClassificationMFn typeCompatible function sets

Related nodes

polyCreator, polyCreateFace, polyPrimitive, polyTorus, polyPlane, polyCube, polyCone, polySphere, polyCylinder, polyUnite, polyBlindData, mesh

Attributes (5)

faceAreaThreshold, operation, preserveColor, useThresholds, vertexDistanceThreshold

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
operation (op) enum0outputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Boolean operation type. 1=union, 2=difference, 3=intersection. Default type is union.
useThresholds (uth) boolfalseoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
If true, merge vertices with separations less then vertexDistanceThreshold and collapse faces with areas less then faceAreaThreshold. If false, do not merge vertices or collapse faces
vertexDistanceThreshold (vdt) distance (double)0.001cmoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Tolerance to determine whether vertices (and edges) should be merged before boolean operation is applied. Attribute is ignored unless useThresholds is set to true
faceAreaThreshold (fat) distance (double)0.0001cmoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Area threshold to determine whether faces should be collapsed before boolean. Attribute is ignored unless useThresholds is set to true
preserveColor (pcr) boolfalseoutputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
If true, boolean op will compute color for the new mesh. If false, the new mesh won't have any color set.