MPxSurfaceShapeUI Class Reference
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#include <MPxSurfaceShapeUI.h>

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Detailed Description

drawing and selection for user defined shapes

The base class for the UI portion of all user defined shapes.


apiMeshShapeUI.h, apiSimpleShapeUI.h, and quadricShape.cpp.

Public Types

enum   UVSelectionType { kSelectMeshUVs, kSelectMeshVerts, kSelectMeshFaces, kSelectMeshEdges }
  Selection modes for UVs. More...

Public Member Functions

  MPxSurfaceShapeUI ()
virtual  ~MPxSurfaceShapeUI ()
void  getDrawData (void *geom, MDrawData &)
virtual void  getDrawRequests (const MDrawInfo &, bool objectAndActiveOnly, MDrawRequestQueue &requests)
virtual void  draw (const MDrawRequest &, M3dView &view) const
virtual bool  select (MSelectInfo &selectInfo, MSelectionList &selectionList, MPointArray &worldSpaceSelectPts) const
virtual bool  canDrawUV () const
virtual void  drawUV (M3dView &view, const MTextureEditorDrawInfo &) const
virtual bool  selectUV (M3dView &, UVSelectionType selType, int xmin, int ymin, int xmax, int ymax, bool singleSelect, MSelectionList &selList) const
MPxSurfaceShape surfaceShape () const
MMaterial  material (MDagPath &path) const

Static Public Member Functions

static MPxSurfaceShapeUI surfaceShapeUI (const MDagPath &path, MStatus *ReturnStatus=NULL)


class  MDrawRequest
class  MDrawInfo

Member Enumeration Documentation

Selection modes for UVs.

kSelectMeshUVs  The UV selection type is UVs.
kSelectMeshVerts  The UV selection type is vertices.
kSelectMeshFaces  The UV selection type is faces.
kSelectMeshEdges  The UV selection type is edges.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MPxSurfaceShapeUI::MPxSurfaceShapeUI (  ) 

Class constructor.

MPxSurfaceShapeUI::~MPxSurfaceShapeUI (  )  [virtual]

Class destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void MPxSurfaceShapeUI::getDrawData ( void *  geom,
MDrawData data  

Sets up draw data for the shape. The draw data is meant to be a light weight class which can be used to pass geometry data through draw requests.

[in]  geom  the geometry necessary to draw the shape
[out]  data  the draw data to be initialized

void MPxSurfaceShapeUI::getDrawRequests ( const MDrawInfo info,
bool  objectAndActiveOnly,
MDrawRequestQueue queue  
) [virtual]

This routine must be overriden if the shape is to be drawn in the interactive display. This function places drawing requests on maya's drawing queue and is called whenever the view is refreshed and the shape needs to be redrawn.

[in]  info  the drawing state information
[in]  objectAndActiveOnly  This parameter is used to determine if draw requests for components need to be supplied. If false, some or all components are active and draw requests must be built for all components.
[in]  queue  the drawing queue to place the draw request on

void MPxSurfaceShapeUI::draw ( const MDrawRequest request,
M3dView view  
) const [virtual]

This routine must be overriden if the shape is to be drawn in the interactive display. Maya will call this routine with requests that have been previously added to the drawing queue.

[in]  request  the drawing request
[in]  view  the interactive 3d view in which to draw

bool MPxSurfaceShapeUI::select ( MSelectInfo selectInfo,
MSelectionList selectionList,
MPointArray worldSpaceSelectPts  
) const [virtual]

This routine must be overriden if the shape is to support interactive object and/or component selection. The implementation of this method should call selectInfo.addSelection with information about the selected item and its selection mask. For single click selection, detected using the selectInfo.singleSection() method, the hit point should also be passed as an argument to selectInfo.addSelection.

[in]  selectInfo  the selection state information
[in]  selectionList  this list does not need to be modified, but it must be passed into the MSelectInfo::addSelection method
[in]  worldSpaceSelectPts  this list does not need to be modified, but it must be passed into the MSelectInfo::addSelection method
  • true something was selected
  • false nothing was selected

bool MPxSurfaceShapeUI::canDrawUV (  )  const [virtual]

Called by Maya to determine if this surface shape supports UV drawing.

true if the shape supports UV drawing, false otherwise.

void MPxSurfaceShapeUI::drawUV ( M3dView view,
const MTextureEditorDrawInfo info  
) const [virtual]

This method is called when the surface shape is selected and the texture view is open. Users should override this method if their custom shape supports UVs.

[in]  view  the texture drawing view
[in]  info  the drawing parameters.

bool MPxSurfaceShapeUI::selectUV ( M3dView view,
MPxSurfaceShapeUI::UVSelectionType  selType,
int  xmin,
int  ymin,
int  xmax,
int  ymax,
bool  singleSelect,
MSelectionList selList  
) const [virtual]

This method is called when the user performs a selection within the texture view. The method is called only when the surface shape is member of the active selection list.

Maya provides the current viewport instance, the type of the selection, the extents of the selection rectangle (in viewport coordinates), and if the selection mode is single selection. The API user is expected to fill the selection list and return a result of true if 'something was selected'.

To properly use this method, you must make sure that you have a valid component type that Maya can recognize. Selection tests can be done using a pick buffer or by spatially determining the selected objects.

Important Currently Maya does not know how to manipulate custom UV components. This method only provides the facilities to visualize what has been selected in the viewport. The API user is responsible for implementing commands that can manipulate the currently selected UVs.

[in]  view  the texture drawing view
[in]  selType  the selection type
[in]  xmin  minimum x coordinate value of the selection rectangle.
[in]  ymin  minimum y coordinate value of the selection rectangle.
[in]  xmax  maximum x coordinate value of the selection rectangle.
[in]  ymax  maximum y coordinate value of the selection rectangle.
[in]  singleSelect  indicates if the user is in single selection mode.
[in]  selList  the selection list to be populated.
true if something was selected, false otherwise.

MPxSurfaceShape * MPxSurfaceShapeUI::surfaceShape (  )  const

Returns the non-ui shape associated with current instance of this class.

The non ui shape object

MMaterial MPxSurfaceShapeUI::material ( MDagPath path  )  const

Returns the material associated with this shape. The user must supply a DAG path as a shape can have several materials if instanced.

[in]  path  the path for which to get the material
The material associated with this shape

MPxSurfaceShapeUI * MPxSurfaceShapeUI::surfaceShapeUI ( const MDagPath path,
MStatus ReturnStatus = NULL  
) [static]

This is a static method that can be used to find the corresponding MPxSurfaceShapeUI for the specified path. If an MPxSurfaceShapeUI does not exist then one is created.

Important This function can only be used for custom surface shapes and the function will return NULL if the provided path is not a custom surface shape.

[in]  path  The full path to a surface shape, including the shape.
[out]  ReturnStatus  The return status.
  • MS::kSuccess The method was successful.
  • MS::kInvalidObjectType The specified object is not a custom surface shape.
The pointer to an MPxSurfaceShapeUI instance.

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